The BiodiversityCatalogue is an openly available online registry of Web services targeted towards the biodiversity science and ecology domain. It is an instance of software developed originally by the BioCatalogue project for the life sciences community, branded and configured for use in ecology. The catalogue uses specialised service categories and tag vocabularies for describing services specific to biodiversity science and ecology and it has been operational since October 2012.

The Catalogue service is currently interrupted because the BioVeL project in which it was developed ended a few years ago and there is no solution in place for sustainable operation. All service descriptions in the catalogue have been secured. For more information about BioVeL and the Catalogue, see this publication.

The TDWG Biodiversity Services and Clients Interest Group (BSCI) is interested to get your feedback whether this service should be continued and whether that should be in its present form. Based on your feedback, BSCI might work together with DiSSCo to develop a plan for sustainable operation and resume the service or replace it with a new one. Please provide your feedback through this short questionnaire.